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Vit C Pink Clay Mask Gift Set

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Vit C Pink Clay Mask Gift Set

You might not be able to get a professional facial right now, but that doesn't mean you can't get the lux spa treatment at home. 

LIMITED EDITION and featuring our detoxing and hydrating Vitamin C Purifying Clay Mask, which is packed with everything your skin needs for smoother, healthier and clearer skin. 

As our new Vitamin C Purifying Pink Clay Mask is completely preservative-free and in powder form, you'll need something to mix it in right?

Done! You'll also receive a matching bamboo bowl for mixing, a spoon for measuring and a brush for applying.

Now that your mask is on, can you feel that? That's relaxation darl. And you deserve it. Pop those earphones in and block out the world. It might only be for fifteen minutes, but you'll feel a million times better for it and might even feel like attempting the kids homeschooling! (Ha! Sorry but we wish it was that good!)

Ok, you've chilled and actually managed to ignore the kids for fifteen whole glorious minutes. We salute and bow down to you! 

Removing your mask is super easy with a little warm water and our cute AF puff (yes, she's included too).

Now you know what's even better than that hella relaxed and content feeling you're having right now? 
There's another five or so treatments left in your pack for you to enjoy every couple of days! 

Either gift yourself or to someone who needs a little 'me' time. We can even add a little card and note if sending a special friend - simply let us know in the checkout notes.