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Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchies Christmas Gift Set

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Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchies Christmas Gift Set

Three gorgeous pure silk scrunchies all wrapped up in a cute little gift box.

The Why...

Your hair will also benefit from our silks ultra smoothness and reduction in friction that you get with standard hair ties. Less friction results in fewer tangles, snagging and an all-around reduction in frizz.

Kardashian smooth hair here you come!

The Who...

Great question! Mulberry silk is the creme la creme in the silk world. The Egyptian cotton of silk. It's natural, odourless and hypoallergenic. 

But what makes us different?

Mulberry silk is hot (not literally of course!) right now and for good reason. However, with that comes a lot of imitations and fake materials that fall short. 
Our 100% pure Mulberry silk is the highest grade. No synthetics on the inside or fake silk to draw you in. It's all pure and all for you.

Because you deserve the best.