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How We Became

Harlan skin was born out of a necessity and craving for simple, quality natural skincare.

Located in The Whitsunday's, Australia, we are no stranger to the Aussie way of life - sun, beach, adventures and lots of barbies.

Our skin needs to be nourished and nurtured to keep up with our harsh conditions, as well as gentle enough on our skin after the changes that happen with pregnancy.

Plus, we also simply don't have time to complete a complex skincare routine, with multiple products and even more steps.

That's where our custom two step routine comes in. Yes, that's right! Just two steps in the AM and two at night.

From there our range continues to grow, with amazing luxury products, that help you to reclaim your glow.

Our mission is simple - to provide uncomplicated, effective skincare without the price tag or time spent in the bathroom.

Because you are more than worth it.

From Our Founder

Sustainable. Low Waste. The New Normal

We only have one shot at preserving our beautiful earth, so let's not waste it.

At harlan skin, we are deeply committed to providing not only ethically and sustainably produced ingredients, but also packaging.

Which is why you'll notice, our products do not come with outer boxes, unless necessary. And our plastic is minimal, again, unless necessary to the quality of the product.

We have searched high and low, and sourced recyclable options for our entire range. Even the dispensers and lids are recyclable.

Our packing boxes are constructed of recyclable cardboard and our mailing satchels are compostible.