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Sleep Better Silk Duo

The ultimate sleep-inducing duo to get you sleeping better + longer.

Gift Packaged for gifting to yourself or someone else and includes:

1 x Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

1 x Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

Benefits of our luxury silk pillowcase

  • Our silk pillowcase gives your skin a smoother surface to rest on. By creating a smoother surface your skin won't be prone to crush wrinkles. 
  • Your hair will also benefit from our silks ultra smoothness and reduction in friction that you get with standard cotton cases. Less friction results in fewer tangles, snagging and an all-around reduction in frizz.
    Kardashian smooth hair here you come!
  • Mulberry silk isn't porous like your old pillowcase material, which means it doesn't draw moisture from your skin and hair causing dehydration. Definitely, something you do not want, especially in winter. 
  • No more tossing and turning! Mulberry silk helps to regulate your body temperature. So whether it's a hot hot summer or the coldest of winters, your silk pillowcase will assist in regulating your body temperature. Not saying you won't need the air-con or a blanket but it will help!

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