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Jagged Jade Roller

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Are you feeling a little puffy and swollen? Is your skin holding onto extra baggage you don't need and making you look ten years old. 

Then our Jagged Jade Roller is here to save the day. Used in ancient Chinese skincare routines for centuries, jade rollers are having their time in the limelight again for good reason.

Get rollin' and reduce inflammation and puffiness by stimulating your lymphatic system and get that blood circulating again. Proper circulation is vital for removing excess fluid which causes that swollen puffy look. 

By also improving your circulation, your skin is able to absorb your products better and more effectively.

It might not be able to get you more sleep or reverse the junk food binge you had on the weekend, but it will certainly make you feel hella relaxed and feeling like you just walked out of a tropical spa treatment.