The pursuit of natural glowy skin seems never-ending, but experts all around the world are steadily making a breakthrough. When it comes to achieving that glassy look, the search for the modern version of the fountain of youth comes in the form of natural and gentle cleansers. The current beloved by many? Kaolin clay. 

Kaolin clay is essentially an all-natural face product, with compounds that clean, rejuvenate, and treat. It’s toxin-free and vegan, making it the perfect product for all skin types. Also known as China clay, this beauty wonder is made up primarily of mineral kaolinite. This is named after a Chinese village, where the mineral naturally occurs. In its purest form, it comes off as bright white, but others may come in coloured hues depending on the mining process. 

It benefits various skin types, especially when combined with the right natural ingredients. As a result, you’ll get highly effective and foolproof cleansers, scrubs, masks, and so much more—guaranteed to keep you fresh and radiant. 

To learn more about Kaolin clay’s wonderful benefits, we’ve gathered this quick list for you:

Benefit #1: It detoxifies and clears clogged pores

No matter the weather and environment you move around in, everyone’s pores get clogged. This is due to dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria, all of which accumulate as you go about your day. Unfortunately, these often lead to inflammation, which then becomes the new acne you need to deal with.

Thanks to Kaolin clay, however, these impurities can be washed away from your skin—completely. It detoxes your skin from the onset of even more redness and acne and at the same time, helps your pores look smaller—and thereby retain less oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria!

Benefit #2: It helps fight your acne 

Apart from preventing acne, Kaolin clay also has the power to help fight your existing acne battles—and win! They first work by removing all acne-causing bacteria and impurities from your face, leaving a clean slate—all without resorting to dryness and irritation. 

Simply put, it preserves a nice oil balance that helps keep your face healthy—even if its acne-conquering powers are undeniable! Thanks to Kaolin clay, you’ll say farewell to irritation, redness, and inflammation caused by other harmful products.

Benefit #3: It helps soothe sensitive skin

How can a powerful product calm your skin? It may seem counterintuitive, especially given the power it holds over clogged pores and acne-prone skin. One would think that Kaolin clay can only further inflammation, but as previously mentioned, it’s as gentle as a feather on your skin. It’s also known to heal and soothe redness, even going so far as to battle itchy rashes and bug bites. 

The Bottom Line

People know that clay can easily dry out your skin and while there is truth to this statement, understanding that Kaolin clay never dries out your skin. It maintains the natural pH level of your skin, which is why it’s the most effective solution to your acne problem. You can use Kaolin clay regularly, but make sure to moisturise after each treatment. 

Note: If you have normal or dry skin, however, keep Kaolin clay at a minimum—twice a week of use will do.

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