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April 30, 2021 3 min read

Acne is hard to deal with because it can bring forth many insecurities, which can be tough for mothers to deal with when they’re going through so many things already during their day-to-day life. With juggling so many responsibilities, tracking down the right reason behind your break-out to help your skin calm down can be tricky. 

However, being aware of some of the common issues that aggravate and cause acne can help mums manage their day easier and work around getting back flawless and youthful skin. Here are some staggering reasons mothers are experiencing acne and potential solutions for it:

Reason 1: Your diet is out of control

Eating too much of anything is too bad for you, and that’s precisely the sentiment between processed products and your skin. Sugar, dairy, and carbohydrates can cause the skin to rack up sebum production, which can get trapped in your pores and cause inflammation. 

Try to create an eating schedule that replaces processed food with grain and greenery. Fruits and vegetables can do wonders for your complexion, along with antioxidant-rich foods. Get the proper vitamins and minerals for at least two to three months to see the difference.

Reason 2: You have excess stress hormones

Mums are just simply amazing as they can cope with a lot of stress, whether it’s good or bad. However, it can get out of hand really quickly when too much cortisol and oil is produced by the body when it’s under stress. More pimples can start popping up.

Acne from stress hormones is also independent of the typical breakout that menstruation and postpartum periods can bring. Speak with a professional about what hormonal treatments are safe for women to take and help with your acne. 

Reason 3: Your makeup routine needs to be changed

Look, some makeup products just aren’t friendly to women with sensitive skin, and mums are no exception to that. Face products like foundation and concealer are notorious for this, but it could even be traced back to products like brow gels depending on where the spots are popping up. 

It’s better to find more skin-safe products that can provide the same if not better quality. Ask fellow mothers what their holy grails are so that you know where you can start. Be sure to invest in a good skincare routine and cleanser too for a bit of aftercare from the makeup. 

Reason 4: Your current skincare regimen needs work

Having a skincare regimen is a really good step for mums, but it isn’t enough to just buy the nearest one you’ll see at the drugstore. Some products tend to be too harsh on the skin or aren’t compatible with your skin type. 

Check different brands online and research their ingredients to know if they will be optimal for your skin. Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly cleansers and toners have an excellent reputation for being gentle on the sensitive and acne-prone skin mothers have to deal with. 


It can take time to transition from acne to clear skin, but it’s better to start making changes now so that you’ll see the results as soon as possible. It can be a big confidence booster for mum to finally get to that glow-up stage. 

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