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July 06, 2021 3 min read

The pandemic has forced people to stay at home for long periods. Having plenty of time on their hands might have been why people are discovering new hobbies, exercising, and reflecting more. You might have even implemented certain lifestyle improvements to help you enjoy life inside your home better. 

One thing many have fixated on in the pandemic is improving their skin and experimenting with their skincare routine. While it worked for some people, there are still many others who can’t get it right. Instead of fresh and glowing skin, they get the exact opposite. If you belong in this category and wonder what you have been doing wrong, this article will help you understand your situation better. Here are some possible reasons your skin is not cooperating:

Your Skin’s Needs are Different

A lot of people tried to become minimalists during the pandemic in the sense that they only followed the essential steps: clean the face, moisturise, and protect with sunblock. For some, this could be a breather. Since fewer products are applied, their pores aren't as clogged and appear smaller. 

However, some might experience a sudden acne breakout upon implementation of a minimalist skincare regimen. That could happen because the skin might have relied on products they had been using for a long time. They may have kept their skin calm and well-controlled. But now that the routine has changed, the dynamics of one’s skin might have also changed, resulting in breakouts and other negative reactions. You might want to return to your old routine or give your skin some time to get used to the change.

Working Out or Not Working Out Can Affect Your Skin

Exercising can make the skin look healthy and vibrant because of the after-workout glow. If you have the opportunity to work out at home, your skin will enjoy the benefits. We always recommend removing makeup before exercising and washing your face as soon as possible after. More importantly, ensure you wipe down equipment before and after to reduce the risk of transmission of bacteria. Not only due to the current Covid situation, but it will stop the spread of bacteria to your face. Studies have found that people touch their face up to fifteen times an hour! Touching your face is the most common cause of breakouts. 

Unfortunately, exercising at home is only a luxury for some. To most people working from home, finding the time, motivation, or evenspace to exercise can be a struggle. 

You Sit In Front of the Screen for a Long Time

Increased exposure to blue light from your computer screen or mobile phone can lead to skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation. The screen also induces oxidative stress, which could, later on, result in inflammation and collagen degeneration. Furthermore, being seated in front of a computer for a long time makes one touch their face absent-mindedly, which as mentioned above is not ideal for your skin health.


Now that you know the potential causes of why your skin reacts a certain way, you can better understand what you are supposed to do. Take this opportunity to get to know your skin and find ways to improve it further. If you plan to reduce the harmful chemicals you put on your face, consider transitioning to healthier products. 

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